How to setup your Smart Ring – Getting Started

Welcome to the Future: Your Smart Ring Awaits!

Congratulations on joining the cutting-edge world of smart ring technology! This tiny marvel on your finger packs a punch of functionalities, waiting to be unleashed. But before you dive headfirst into a flurry of taps and gestures, let’s take a smooth journey through the initial setup and unlock the full potential of your smart ring. Learn how to setup your smart ring and use it to its full benefit.

How to setup your Smart Ring – Step-by-step

Charge Up and Power On:

Every adventure begins with a full tank. Plug your ring into its charging dock (consult your model’s manual for specifics) and watch the battery indicator come alive. Most rings take around 1-2 hours to reach full charge, and some even boast impressive week-long battery life!

First Boot

When using it for the first time, connect the ring to the magnetic charging cable to charge and it can be turned on.

how to setup your smart ring
How to setup your Smart Ring - Getting Started 6


Connect the magnetic charging port of the ring with the magnetic charging cable. Plug in the power supply to start charging. The red indicator light will flash during the charging process. After being fully charged, the green indicator light will flash and then turn off.

how to setup your smart ring
How to setup your Smart Ring - Getting Started 7

Meet Your Ring’s Best Friend: The App:

No superhero works alone, and your smart ring is no exception. An essential step on how to setup your smart ring is to download the dedicated app for your ring model from the App Store or Google Play. This app will be your command center, allowing you to personalize settings, access data, and unlock all the cool features your ring has to offer. Smart Ring Companion Apps

Pairing Up – Let the Magic Begin:

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions for pairing. This usually involves enabling Bluetooth on your phone and bringing it close to the ring. (How to use Bluetooth on Android phones?) Some rings use NFC technology for pairing, You will need to be sure NFC is turned on on your phone. Then simply tap your phone against the designated spot on the ring. Wait for the happy chimes of success, and voila, you’re officially connected! How to use NFC on Android phones?


Please keep the ring battery above 20% before pairing to avoid pairing failure due to low battery.
During the pairing process, please ensure that the Bluetooth and positioning functions of the phone are turned on, and the distance.

Customize Your Experience:

Now comes the fun part! Dive into the app’s settings and personalize your ring to your liking. You can adjust gesture controls (a double tap to open an app, anyone?), notification preferences, and data tracking options. Some rings even let you change the LED color displayed on the band to match your mood or outfit.

Basic Functionalities – A Sneak Peek:

With the foundation laid, let’s explore some of the magic your ring can do:

  • Contactless Payments: Wave your ring over payment terminals and say goodbye to fumbling for wallets.
how to setup smart ring
How to setup your Smart Ring - Getting Started 8
  • Unlock Doors and Devices: No more fumbling for keys! Touch your ring to compatible smart locks and let it grant you access with a futuristic flourish.
  • Track Your Health: Monitor your sleep, steps, heart rate, and even stress levels with built-in sensors. Analyze your data in the app and gain valuable insights into your well-being.
  • Stay Connected: Receive discreet notifications for calls, texts, and important alerts right on your finger. No more missing that urgent message while juggling groceries!
  • Control Your World: Adjust your music volume, take photos, or answer calls with simple gestures on your ring. It’s like having a tiny personal assistant at your fingertips.


  • Every smart ring is unique, so explore your app’s features and experiment to discover all its hidden gems.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult your ring’s manual or the support website for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips.
  • Most importantly, have fun and embrace the convenience and coolness of your new high-tech companion!

Wearing a ring

Please wear the ring on your suitable finger, choosing a comfortable size that is neither loose nor tight. It is recommended to wear it on the index finger, middle finger and Ring finger of non dominant hands to better monitor data. When making any measurements, the sensors inside the ring should be tightly attached to the pulp of the finger.
Attention: Wearing too loosely can affect the collection of heart rate and blood oxygen data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about How to Setup Your Smart Ring

Getting started with your new smart ring can be exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, though! We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about smart ring setup to help you get ringin’ in no time.

1. What do I need to set up my smart ring?

You’ll need a few things:

  • Your smart ring: Make sure it’s charged and ready to go!
  • Your smartphone: Your ring will likely connect via Bluetooth, so make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and discoverable.
  • The companion app: Download the app for your specific ring model from the App Store or Google Play. Smart Ring Companion Apps
  • Your patience: Setting up a smart ring can take a few minutes, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work instantly.

2. How do I find the right size for my smart ring?

Most smart ring manufacturers offer sizing guides on their websites. You can usually measure your finger with a piece of string or a ruler and then compare the measurement to the size chart. Some rings even come in adjustable sizes!

3. How do I pair my smart ring with my phone?

Pairing and Linking
Connect the ring to the magnetic charging cable to charge, and the charging indicator light flashes.
Open the Ring app on your phone, click “Add Device”, select the device you want to connect to, and click to add the device

4. What if my phone can’t find my smart ring?

Make sure both your phone’s Bluetooth and your ring are turned on. Try moving your phone closer to the ring, or restarting both devices. If you’re still having trouble, consult your ring’s manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

5. How do I personalize my smart ring settings?

Once your ring is paired, you can usually customize its settings in the companion app. This may include things like choosing which notifications you want to receive on your ring, setting up gestures, and customizing the display.

6. How do I charge my smart ring?

Most smart rings come with a charging dock or cradle. Simply place your ring on the dock and connect it to a power source. Charging times can vary depending on the model, but it’s typically a few hours.

7. How do I take care of my smart ring?

Most smart rings are water-resistant, but not waterproof. Avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming. You should also avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.

8. What can I do with my smart ring?

The possibilities are endless! Smart rings can be used for everything from tracking your fitness and sleep to making payments and controlling your smart home devices.

9. Where can I learn more about my specific smart ring model?

Consult the user manual that came with your ring, or visit the manufacturer’s website. You can also find helpful information and tutorials online.

Overview and Packaging List

how to setup your smart ring
How to setup your Smart Ring - Getting Started 9

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with your smart ring and discover all the cool things it can do. You might be surprised at how much it can enhance your everyday life!

This is just the beginning of your smart ring journey. As you get familiar with its capabilities, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities that streamline your life, keep you informed, and add a touch of futuristic flair to your everyday routine. So go forth, explore, and let your smart ring become your trusted sidekick in the exciting world of connected technology!

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